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Surcharges / discounts

travel expenses
Journeys within the city limits of Wuppertal are included. Journeys outside Wuppertal be charged separately at € 0.30 per kilometer charged.

repeated orders
If you want your business to be photographed more than once per year, for a new collection, seasonal redesign, etc., we can provide a small discount. Or do you have multiple branches?

Active content
Integrated videos,audio tracks, external links, connection to Bing Maps or Google Maps, high-resolution detail images are invoiced separately.

Do you have questions? Please contact us.

Depending on finishing and size the prices will differ. Please contact us..

Depending on the desired resolution, whether a complete Nadir (area directly below the camera and mounting) should be available, for HTML5 panoramas prices vary between
190,-- € low resolution without Nadir
380,-- € medium resolution without Nadir
480,-- € medium resolution with Nadir
high resolution with Nadir please contact us.
per panorama point. Active content such as links, videos, detail pictures, or maps are
not included.
Please contact us, so we can create a customized offer to your needs.

Underwater Panorama, 360° Video
Technology is still in development phase, but partly already "ready to use". If you are intereseted, please call us.

Google Street View | Trusted Panorama:
2 to 3 Panoramapoints 200,-- €
up to 10 Panoramapoints 350,-- €
up to 20 Panoramapoints 600,-- €
up to 40 Panoramapoints 900,-- €
> 40 Panoramapoints on request, usually 225,-- for additional 10 points.
multi floor properties please contact us, we will make a customized offer for you.
including 10 to 20 detailpictures (POI-Pictures).

How the points must be set and counted for Google
For gemany, many documentations show outside panorama. This is not allowed in germany, these panoramas are not to be done. If you need outside panorama, e.g. for your outside terrace, roof terrace, or your beergarden, they must be done as HTML5 panorama and are counted differently.

The layout of the panoramatour can be varied between a minimal configuation and with many details. Here you see the example of a fitness club.

The first example shows the minimal configuration, as required by the google specifications. One meter behind the open front door the first obligatory panorama point, one before and behind the turnstile, from this point every 3 to 5 meter the next point, until the end of the club is reached. This example needs 13 panorama point = price for 20.
Only when there are strong reasons, the policy "3 to 5 meter" may be exceeded or fallen below.

(Source: Clever Fit, Velbert)

The second ans middle layout includes the second passageway, the tanning bed, massage room, and the locker room. It needs 37 panorama points = price for 40.

(Source: Clever Fit, Velbert)

The last and most detailed variant includes some views inside some fitness machines. This needs 45 panorama points, = price for 50.

(Source: Clever Fit, Velbert)

(source of sample images: Google)

The example with 18 points can be extended so that the transitions between and in front of the shelves are shown too. In this case the panorama count increases from 18 to 24.